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March 2010

Are You Pregnant Yet?

by Melanie Edwards on March 30, 2010 · 12 comments

in Fertility

When we decided to set up this blog to share our progress on trying to conceive and eventually document our pregnancy, we knew that we’d be opening our lives up more than we were used to. I knew that being public about us trying to have a baby would result in questions about whether or not I’m pregnant and how things are going for us. I’m ok with it.

So, to answer everyone’s question – no, I’m not pregnant yet. :)

In reality, we’ve only been trying for one month so far. This process is truly just beginning for us. We’re definitely not discouraged or disappointed thus far and know that we’ll soon be able to announce just the opposite.

To be honest, when I found out I wasn’t pregnant this month, I did get a little sad. Just a tiny bit, though. I suppose that’s normal, right? I think especially for us women who deal with so many hormones, it can be expected for us to feel that way. My husband, though, didn’t even give it a second thought and just said, “Well, that just means we keep on trying!” A couple of days later, I was feeling much the same way as him.

But, the questions I’ve gotten so far made me remember those crazy comments people say they get when they’re trying to get pregnant. I never got any the first time around, since no one knew we were even trying. I’ve heard of some couples that endured invasive questions, peculiar advice, and overall strange remarks from their friends, families, and even strangers.

Here’s your chance to let it all out and have some fun. Tell me all about those comments you used to hear when you were trying to conceive and how you responded. Maybe I can build an arsenal and be prepared in case I happen to hear them as well. I doubt it though.

Ok…have at it!

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