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January 2011

Merry Go Round

I’m on maternity leave as of December 8: The following is a guest post by Aparna Vashisht.

We are expecting our third child in a few days. I have gestational diabetes with my third (just like the second). One of the benefits of having Gestational Diabetes is the fact that you get to decide the date and get your doctor you have been working with all these weeks. I am excited, anxious, nervous, grateful, and victorious. It is a great privilege to give birth and I am grateful that we have the opportunity to add one more member to our family. My 4 year old is ready to be a big brother. He told us the other day that he will wake up when the baby is hungry and come tell us. Then he will take a bottle and go feed the baby himself. He doesn’t quite understand nursing yet so it will be great to show him.

Even though it is my third time around, I am still anxious about labor and delivery. Will the labor go well? Will the baby be ok? I hope I get there in time for the epidural. This time, I have two boys at home so I also have to make sure that they don’t feel left out.

Here are some tips that friends have suggested and I have read in books:

  1. A special T-shirt from the baby for them. I found these that I am getting for the boys from cafepress . They have other great T-shirts and ideas.  I think this is a good idea because it helps them feel involved in the process and how their lives are going to be affected. I have been talking to my 4 year old about how he is now going to be a big brother and that he has to make sure he looks after his little brother and help him. He is eager to take on the role. Of course, it will be a cute picture for mom. I don’t think I can get my 12 year old to wear the T-shirt under any other circumstance.

  2. A gift from the baby to the big brothers. My oldest is getting a video game and my 4 year old (soon to be a middle child) is getting some toy power tools.
  3. Introducing the baby to the rest of the family. It is suggested that it is best to let the brothers introduce the baby to the rest of the family. We plan to have our boys come to the hospital and back home with the baby. Our in-laws will be home so the boys will announce the baby and introduce him to Mami and Papi
  4. Preparation in advance. Both my husband and I have been preparing the boys for the past few months about the imminent arrival and talk to them about any anxieties they may have. The 12 year old is fine as he has done it before. The 4 year old has questions like: “Can I change the baby’s diaper?”; “I want the baby to sleep next to me”; “Can I come cuddle with you in bed?” and most common “I want to feed the baby.”
  5. Have their favorite meal ready at home in advance. I will make their favorite at home before I go in next Monday just as a special treat.

I think I am ready for our baby’s arrival and so is our family. Wish us luck!

What special things did you do for your children when a new baby arrived?
Aparna Vashisht is the Founder and CEO of, a private parent teacher social network.
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