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April 2011

Baby’s First Easter Basket

by Melanie Edwards on April 22, 2011 · 1 comment

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Easter eggs

This is a sponsored post.

Our baby boy will be celebrating his first Easter this weekend! Big sister picked out a fun Easter-themed shirt for him to wear and is excited, as she normally is when it comes to her little brother. She’s been talking about how he, unfortunately, can’t go Easter egg hunting just yet, but we told her he can probably participate in the fun next year.

He will, however, be receiving his very first Easter basket full of goodies that are just right for his 4-month-old self. Of course, baby girl gets an Easter basket as well, as she has each year. It was actually pretty fun for me to pick out similar items for each of them. I tried to “match” each item in the baskets, except for the candy she’s getting and he’s not.

There were a couple of years when I was very last-minute on buying her Easter basket items, so I was proud of myself for getting everything I needed from our local Walmart about a week ago. It was super easy since all the Easter products were right up at the front of the store.


Here’s what I purchased in order to put together their Easter baskets:

  • Easter-themed buckets – I like these better than the traditional baskets, because I can actually use them again around the house. They’re good for storing small random toys that baby girl seems to collect; I’m sure baby boy will eventually do the same.
  • Paper grass – Simple shredded paper to fill the bottom of each basket.
  • Easter eggs – I add a few of these inside the basket and use the rest for a semi-Easter egg hunt at home.
  • Stuffed animals – It’s sort of a tradition that I grew up with and that I’m now doing for them as well, but each year I received a new bunny, or other Easter-themed stuffed animal. Of course, this is baby boy’s first Easter bunny and baby girl is getting a new duck for her collection.
  • Toys – I bought each of them a new toy. They’re nothing major; just a little something they can play with. Baby boy gets a set of chewable keys (every baby needs one of these, right?) and baby girl is getting a mini Lego kit.
  • Shirts – Rather than get a bunch of odd Easter toys (though they are cute), I decided to give each of them a new shirt. It’s something that they’ll actually use.
  • Candy – You have to have some chocolate bunnies, right? I’m partial to the solid chocolate bunny, myself, so it’s hard to resist buying one just for me. Of course, only baby girl is getting candy in her basket. Perhaps next year baby boy can get some too.

I’m looking forward to spending Easter with the family, even if we’ll be waiting until next year to try and bring back the tradition of a big Easter meal. For those that celebrate it, I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Easter!

Do you buy the pre-filled Easter baskets or make your own?

Disclosure: As a member of the Walmart Moms program, I was compensated for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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