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July 2011

Refusing the Bottle…Still

by Melanie Edwards on July 18, 2011 · 3 comments

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Baby Bottles Photo by Alicia Voorhies

I previously shared with you our struggle to introduce a bottle to baby boy. Nearly four months later, the battle continues. This kid refuses to drink anything from a nipple that’s not my own! It doesn’t matter if it’s formula, juice, or even his beloved breast milk – if it’s in a bottle, he turns his head.

Now that he’s seven months old, I started to try using a sippy cup as well. While he doesn’t turn his head and fuss like he usually does with the bottle, he doesn’t really drink from it either. He mostly chews on it. If ever there were a time I wish there were some sippy cups that weren’t spill-proof, now would be it. At least that way he’d get some liquid in his mouth to let him know there’s something good inside the cup.

As far as bottles go, we’ve tried about four variations of bottle brands and nipples. It doesn’t matter. They all end up being pushed away or more recently, being chewed on. But, baby boy absolutely refuses to suck.

I should have written “stubborn” as the middle name on his birth certificate.

So, what are we to do? Everywhere I go, he goes. If I feed him right before I leave the house, then maybe I can run a quick errand and come back within two hours or so. Otherwise, it makes for interesting logistics in our house.

It also means that baby girl hasn’t truly had some one-on-one time with me in a while. Her baby brother is always along. And though I know she loves him dearly, I also know she’d enjoy a trip to the movies, a dinner out, or simply just hanging out together for a bit while abuela takes care of LB (little brother as she calls him). I know we would too.

I am happy to have breastfed him for seven months so far. It’s longer than I nursed baby girl and I’m not looking to wean him just yet. I simply would like to be able to break away from him every once in a while and have someone else feed him.

So the struggle continues as we try on a daily basis…wish me luck! I’ll be needing lots of it.

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