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March 2013

Babies sure do some funny things, don’t they? There are plenty of times you find yourself laughing at the pure comedy that babies can be. Luckily for parents, we’re now able to capture those funny baby moments on video to remember and laugh about at a much later date. Perhaps our children will not share the humor with us when they’re older, but we’ll have those ever-lasting memories preserved.

Of course, these days, many parents also share the humor with the world and happily share their funny baby moments for all to see. Lucky us! I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most hilarious babies on the web in an effort to get you laughing. Have fun watching these funny baby videos!

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Dealing with Baby Blues and A Look at Baby Crawling Styles


As parents, we go through many stages of raising our babies. Sometimes, we deal with feelings of wanting another baby and what some call the baby blues. Our babies also go through many stages, from being newborns and infants to growing into toddlers and beyond. That’s why the topic of raising babies is so vast […]

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