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April 2013

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How do you get a baby to sleep?” is probably one of the most asked questions new parents ask. Every baby sleeps differently and every parent creates a baby sleep routine that is different. When it comes to babies and sleep, it’s an important topic. After all, if baby doesn’t sleep well, then parents don’t sleep well – and we all like our sleep!

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Testing Out the Britax Roundabout 50 Classic Convertible Car Seat {Review}


Baby car seats are something all parents have to purchase, but it can be daunting to know which car seat is the best for your child. There are many brands of car seats, many styles, and you also have to keep in mind the size and weight limitations for each. One of the most recognized […]

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11 Tips for Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks


If you talk to many pregnant women, you’re likely to hear concerns about stretch marks, specifically, how to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy. Pregnancy marks are normal and a sign that your body is growing to accommodate for the growing child in your womb. Though most women are proud of their pregnancy stretch marks, it’s […]

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When Babies Cry or Wake Up at Night: 8 Moms Share How They Handled Night Waking


When babies cry or wake up at night, it can be a guessing game to see what’s wrong. Sometimes nothing is really wrong; your baby might just want some comfort. Depending on your baby’s age, your reaction and handling of middle of the night crying and night waking may be different. It’s hard to know […]

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Celebrating Easter with Babies and Toddlers


Even though we just celebrated Easter this past weekend, if you’re thinking ahead for next year’s Easter and wondering how you can celebrate Easter with your baby or toddler, then check out these ideas! From Easter crafts and Latino traditions for celebrating Easter, to baby-friendly Easter recipes and bilingual Easter books for babies and toddlers, […]

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