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May 2013

Encouraging Toddler Creativity

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Baby boy is starting to draw and color more often, and especially shows an interest if he sees his older sister doing so. I want to encourage his creativity and let him color, draw, and even paint, but I often worry about him making a mess. Since he’s only two-years-old, he definitely doesn’t have full control, which is a little nerve-wracking at times.

Thankfully, products like Crayola Color Wonder exist to help parents out with such things. This line of products only works with special paper, so the Color Wonder markers and paint don’t get on your tables, chairs, floor, etc. We’ve been using them since our older daughter was younger and we’re pretty happy with the way they work. The Color Wonder line is especially handy in the car, since our kids can color and draw and we don’t worry about them getting marker on their clothes. The only caution I do have is to be careful with the Color Wonder paint gels – though the color won’t show on anything but the special Color Wonder paper, it can still create a sticky, gel mess if the kids scoop up too much paint gel on their brush (or fingers!).

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Baby’s First Bike


{Sponsored content} Though two-years-old may seem young for a first bike, we recently decided to get our baby boy his first bike so he can begin to learn to ride along with his big sister. Since May is National Bike Month and Walmart has free shipping on all bikes this month, we took advantage of […]

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Our Baby’s Bath Time Ritual, Plus a Special Mother’s Day Gift from Walmart and Johnson & Johnson


{Sponsored content} A baby’s bath is easily part of most parents’ bedtime routine for baby. Everyone has their own bath time ritual for baby, bath games they play with baby, and preferred bath time products to help baby quiet down for the night. Using relaxing baby washes and lotions is something I always found useful […]

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