Baby Boy’s First Day of Daycare & Other Toddler Adventures

by Melanie Edwards on January 25, 2013

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This past week, my baby boy started attending daycare on a part-time basis. He’ll be going to daycare three times a week, which will be good for both him and myself. Of course, he’s still struggling with the transition, even three days into the process. Let’s hope for a smoother week next week!

I shared our experience of his first day of daycare with Disney Baby readers, as well as a couple of other stories of recent events in my toddler’s life. Check out this week’s stories as shared on Disney Baby and feel free to leave a comment over there too!

  • The 1st Day of Daycare: It’s so hard for parents to drop-off their babies at daycare, and it doesn’t help when your baby or toddler doesn’t go calmly! Read all about my baby boy’s first day.
  • Letting Kids Figure It Out: When I didn’t rush in to help baby boy with a problem he was having while playing, he learned a valuable lesson. See what happened when mami didn’t save the day!
  • The Art of Negotiating with a Toddler: Some may think that negotiating with a toddler is a parenting mistake, but I am happy to make small deals with baby boy in order to avoid unnecessary tantrums. Read on to find out just what I mean!
What baby or toddler stories do you have to share of your parenting adventures this week?
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