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Tubes Tied or Vasectomy?

by Melanie Edwards on November 30, 2010 · 17 comments

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More Than Two Children?

Ever since we found out we were pregnant and expecting our second child, we’ve been thinking about whether or not we wanted any more children. The husband is set on no more, and I’m about 99% sure. But, there’s that 1% that says “what if” to me.

So, our discussions regarding either me getting my tubes tied or him having a vasectomy have always ended up in an inconclusive state. The fact is that I’m not sure I want to get them tied; not so much because I want more children, but more because I feel like it’s such a permanent and final decision to make for my body when I’m only 30 years old. That’s a pretty difficult concept to explain to a man.

For him, it’s clear cut. He doesn’t want more children and is content with the two we’re about to have in our lives. So, it’s an easy decision. He’s more than willing to get a vasectomy, removing the need for me to make a decision about my body. And, that’s where we sat for the past couple of months, knowing he’d go through with it in the future and that I wouldn’t.

Then last week, during my 36 week doctor appointment, my doctor asked, “Are you going to have any more children?” Since I’m having a c-section, he said that if I was thinking of getting my tubes tied, it would be the perfect time to do so because it would avoid another operation in the future. He said it’s very easy and so much better than coming back to him in a year or so to go through surgery again. Of course, he said, only if we are 100% sure we want no more children. I explained that we were pretty sure my husband would have a vasectomy instead. But, he suggested I be the one to get anything done instead of my husband. Apparently, a benefit of getting my tubes tied is a decreased chance of ovarian cancer – 70% decrease according to my doctor.

Over the last week, the thought has been going back and forth in my head. I’m still not sure I want to get my tubes tied right now and the husband is still offering to get a vasectomy instead. I have another doctor appointment today for my 37 week checkup and at this point I still don’t know my decision.

To tie my tubes or not? That is the question of the day.

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