20 Baby Stories for Your Reading – Written by Me on Disney Baby!

by Melanie Edwards on January 4, 2013 · 1 comment

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Baby Boy's First Snow

Over the last 8 months, I’ve been writing for DisneyBaby.com. As a Disney Baby contributor, I share tips, ideas, and personal parenting stories related to raising a baby. My “baby” is now two years old, if you can believe it! I officially have a toddler on my hands, which is a lot of fun, but comes with its own challenges.

I love sharing baby stories, but realize not everyone sees them on Disney Baby. So, I’ve decided to revive this site a bit and start sharing highlights of my Disney Baby stories with you. I plan to share links to my Disney Baby posts once a week here. I hope you follow me over there as well so you can read some of the latest antics of baby boy!

Being that this is the first in this series of highlighted posts, I’m going to go further back than this past week and share previous stories I’ve written for Disney Baby. Here you go!

20 Baby Stories for Your Reading

  1. 8 New Year’s Resolutions for Mothers of Babies – A few resolution ideas for moms to put into action in 2013. I’m taking my own advice and adding some of these to my personal list of 2013 goals!
  2. Exploring Washington, D.C. with a Toddler – We took a vacation to Virginia over the holidays and had a lot of fun visiting DC! Here I share a few ideas for fun in Washington, D.C. with a toddler.
  3. Baby’s First Snow – While in Virginia, my babies got a chance to see snow (and play in it) for the first time ever!
  4. Celebrating Los Tres Reyes (Three Kings’ Day) with Baby – I shared with Disney Baby readers a bit about how we celebrate Three Kings’ Day (Día de Los Tres Reyes Magos), which is coming up this weekend!
  5. Bilingual Holiday Books for Babies & Toddlers – Even though the holidays are over, you may like some of these bilingual books to read with your baby or toddler.
  6. Beginnings of Creative Play – Baby boy may only be 2-years-old, but he’s already using his imagination during play time!
  7. Arroz con Leche Recipe – I shared an arroz con leche (rice pudding) recipe from a friend as a warm and comforting winter food you can feed baby.
  8. Dressing Himself: Another Toddler Milestone On the Way! – Some of the funny things my baby boy is doing as he tries to dress himself these days!
  9. 9 Ways Babies & Toddlers Can Have Fun at New Fantasyland! – After visiting the grand opening of New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World, I shared some of the ways my baby boy had fun.
  10. Piercing Baby’s Ears: Why We Pierced Our Daughter’s Ears at 3 Weeks Old – A hot topic for many, I talked about why we pierced baby girl’s ears back when she was only 3 weeks old!
  11. My Toddler Has Awesome Manners! And, We’re Not Sure How He Learned Them – Teaching a toddler manners can be challenging, but we’ve been really lucky that baby boy has picked up on some awesome manners.
  12. Baby’s First Haircut: Wait Until After First Birthday? – Another debatable topic for parents – when should baby have his or her first haircut?
  13. Is My Baby Ready for Potty Training? – Baby boy has shown some signs that he’s ready for potty training, but isn’t quite there yet.
  14. Ridiculous (But Funny) Things Parents Do To Keep the Peace – I do some really ridiculous things to avoid a tantrum!
  15. Super Easy DIY Sock Puppet Toddler Craft Activity – I am not crafty, but even I was able to make this sock puppet with baby boy.
  16. Bonding with Baby in the Womb: 10 Moms Share How they Bonded with Their Unborn Baby – If you’re pregnant, bonding with your baby while in the womb is super important. I asked around and shared what 10 moms had to say about how they bonded with their babies.
  17. Feeling Baby Move: One Thing I Miss About Pregnancy – I shared the one thing I miss about pregnancy.
  18. My Toddler Learned How to Unbuckle His Car Seat Belt! – It’s so frustrating when your baby learns how to unbuckle his car seat belt, so I asked for ideas on how to deal with it.
  19. What I Learned About Caring for Baby’s Eczema – Baby boy has eczema, unfortunately. It’s an on-going process for us, but I’ve learned a few things along the way about dealing with eczema.
  20. Baby Shower Favors Idea: Capias (Traditional Latin Baby Shower Favor) – Capias are a traditional Latin American baby shower favor that I grew up seeing and collecting from various baby showers we attended.

There are many, many more stories I’ve shared on Disney Baby over the past 8 months, so feel free to go further back and read more! Next week, I’ll start sharing just those I’ve written from the previous week. Enjoy!

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