Raising a Boy: New Challenges to Come?

by Melanie Edwards on December 2, 2010

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Little Boy Playing in Park

I’ve been thinking about the fact that soon I will have a baby boy in our house. After five years of parenting a girl, I’m interested in seeing how different it will be to parent a boy. There are so many things you deal with when raising girls, like talking about bras at the age of four, that I wonder if I’ll have similar challenges with a boy. Perhaps there will be entirely new issues that I wouldn’t experience in raising a girl.

For example, I know that we’ll have to teach him about being a gentleman and properly carrying himself as a man. I wonder too if he’ll deal with different stereotypes and prejudices as a boy than my baby girl will deal with. The world can be fickle like that at times.

Then there are the dynamics between big sister and little brother. I know my baby girl will be all over him and already talks about how she wants to help in so many ways. I can just imagine him being highly entertained by her; hopefully he won’t get too annoyed either.

I know that you can’t really prepare yourself for many parenting moments and you just have to deal with them as they come. This is definitely going to be an interesting adventure as we adjust to two kids in the house and handle the challenges that may come our way. Having a girl and a boy in our house will surely bring many fun times for the husband and I.

If you have both (or more), what has been your most interesting observation in raising a boy vs a girl?
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