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40 Weeks film review

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When I was pregnant for the first time, I had a limited number of women to talk to about the pregnancy. None of my friends had been pregnant yet (most were still in the wedding-planning stage), so my pregnancy advice came mostly from my mom and coworkers who were all older. Now, there’s nothing wrong with advice from experienced women – I welcomed it – but, I did wish I could have shared my pregnancy woes with someone closer to my age, who might have understood the “newer ways” and modern developments in pregnancy and child care.

For that reason, sometimes I turned to TV. Watching pregnancy reality shows was both relieving and terrifying. I appreciated seeing stories from other women who felt some of the same things I did. However, seeing the sensationalized moments that TV shows use for the sake of ratings was not something an emotional pregnant woman should watch. That’s why I’m glad to share a new documentary film with you called 40 Weeks, in which you’ll find real stories from women sharing their pregnancy journeys. Read on for more info on 40 Weeks and where you can watch it!

40 Weeks Pregnancy Documentary Film

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