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baby’s sensitive skin

Dreft baby laundry detergentLearning about your precious newborn baby and what he/she is sensitive to can be a challenge. Babies are so vulnerable and helpless; as a parent you try so hard to detect and eliminate any and everything that could cause them harm or irritation. That is why I am so thankful for products that are made to help us fight this battle with us.

When I had my first two children, I took precautions where I could, but lightly. Unlike most moms who become ultra sensitive to the world around their babies, I took the opposite approach with my babies and allowed a little bit more of the world to enter their space than the average mom would. I survived the concerned comments and looks from other moms, but when they saw my babies were just fine, they calmed down. However, things changed with my third child.

We found out that he was having a reaction to my breast milk whenever I consumed dairy products. Doctors said it may not result in him being lactose intolerant, but it had more to do with the way in which my body processed the milk for him. The effects were congestion and eczema for my baby.

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Fragrance-Free Baby Products & Teaching Toddlers Good Hygiene with Help from Disney


Each baby is so different from another – for example, my baby boy’s skin is much more sensitive than my baby girl’s was. Baby boy actually has eczema, which means we are super careful about the baby products we use and go through tubs of lotions really quickly. Because we have to be selective about […]

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