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Toddler Touching Pregnant Belly

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One of my main worries about a second pregnancy is the worry that my daughter may accidentally hit my pregnant belly. This may seem like a silly fear, but the fact is that my baby girl still likes to climb up on my lap or crawl on top of me when we’re cuddling. And she’s not exactly the definition of grace – I mean, she’s only 4. Wild, eccentric, and silly are all appropriate words to use when describing her.

Even though we’re still trying to conceive, I’m already thinking about ways I can protect my future baby bump. Just how do I keep my daughter away from my belly without rejecting her cuddles? Is it a matter of finding new positions for cuddling or do I need to keep her away altogether?

So far we’ve started telling her that she can’t press down on mommy’s belly and that she has to be careful near it. This has resulted in her thinking we’re taking too long to get pregnant because every time she asks, we say there’s no baby in my belly yet. Still, though, I worry this might not be enough.

Will she remember as my belly grows bigger and bigger? Will I have to walk around with my hands in front of me at all times ready to stop her? I feel like I need the equivalent of a protective cup for my bellydo they make those?

I know I’m not the only crazy chica out there with these worries. I did a quick search and found many sites and forums with questions from pregnant women worried about their toddlers and younger kids hitting their belly. In many cases, they had already been hit, kicked, or jumped on – eek!

Am I over thinking it? Is this in fact a silly fear that I’ll come to realize will take care of itself? Or is there something I could be saying to my child now to prepare her for the future growth of my pregnant belly?

I’d love to hear your personal stories, advice, or thoughts. Share them with me in the comments below!

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